Who We Are

Braskem Labs is a BRASKEM platform made of three programs to encourage the enterprising ecosystem. Since 2015, we have worked in partnership with several players to accelerate businesses and startups which cause positive impact on society and on the environment.


Braskem is the biggest thermoplastic resin producer in the American continent, with an annual turnover of more than 20 million tons and the annual revenue of R$ 55 billion. It focuses on the production of polyethylene resins (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), besides basic chemical inputs.

Combined, our products make one of the most complete portfolios in the market by including the green polyethylene, which is produced out of sugar cane and is 100% renewable. Braskem exports to clients in about 100 countries, has about 8 thousand members and operates 41 industrial units in Brazil, the USA, Germany and Mexico.

The Chemical and Petrochemical sector plays a relevant part in numerous productive chains and therefore it is essential to the economic development. In this context, through its products and processes, Braskem takes action in creating sustainable solutions to benefit people’s lives in sectors such as healthcare, food and mobility.


About ACE

ACE is a complete ecosystem for the high impact entrepreneur, with solutions for each startup maturity level. Since 2012, they have already accelerated more than 130 companies and have been accredited with awards as the Best Startups Accelerator from Brazil and Latin America. ACE is our partner in the following programs: Braskem Labs Scale and Braskem Labs Ignition .


About Innoscience

Innoscience is a management consultancy for corporate innovation. Efficient methodology, tools and knowledge are its driving force to support the generation of positive results through innovation.

It has assisted more than 150 companies in 200 projects since 2006, assisting 13 of the 100 most innovative companies in Brazil. Innoscience is our partner in the Brasken Labs Challenge program.


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