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Braskem Labs Scale is an acceleration program built for entrepreneurs who are eager for their business’ success because they are sure of their capacity to change the world.

See the results of the 2017 edition.

Results 2017


Net Promoter Maximum Score. Main satisfaction indicator with maximum score.


Leaders and members officially selected participated in the program as mentors.


Relevant business relationships were established due to the program.

The program generated effective business deals for 50% of the companies. Another 30% of the companies have business deals underway.

Of the 10 participating companies, 2 co-created with us, 2 became our partners and 3 became clients.

60% of the companies received investment this year or will receive it.

What DO we do?

We accelerate solutions containing chemical and/or plastics that cause positive impacts on society in diverse areas such as agribusiness, recycling, healthcare, transportation, food, water and energy.

We offer an experience in personalized qualifications based on entrepreneurs’ biggest pains, access to Braskem and ACE Mentors, as well as networking and connection with the greatest and most strategic players in the market.

Our focus is to accelerate your business and to create positive social-environmental impacts.


Why register for Braskem Labs Scale?


Personal qualification training

It is tailor-made according to each entrepreneur’s needs to provide support in your biggest challenges.


PThere is the possibility of becoming a partner of Braskem or of one of its clients. More than 50% of the companies which have taken part in the program have done business with Braskem.

Chemicals and plastics Chain

Your company will be in contact with Braskem’s innovation and technical teams and its partners to help with product application.


This program will give you access to an important and strategic network of market players, including possible clients, partners and investors.


Access to a large network of Braskem and ACE Mentors, in addition to other experienced executives who will create new visions and solutions for your company.


of the entrepreneurs who were part of the 2017 edition of our program have affirmed that it contributed to their growth.

› Selection

An analysis of the registrations will be followed by a face-to-face event in which prominent companies will introduce themselves to a board of examiners, who will then elect up to 12 entrepreneurs to participate in the program.

› Qualification

The qualification process lasts 4 months and is designed according to the biggest challenges of each entrepreneur. They will have access to:

  • 4 individual mentors, including a Braskem adviser.
  • A one-day immersion at a Braskem unit in Brazil.
  • Four face-to-face events with mentoring about different subjects (such as finance, access to capital, sales, marketing, etc.), dynamics and an ample exchange of experiences.
  • Access to expert advisers (according to necessity).
  • Access to exclusive contents.

› Demo day

In the end, some entrepreneurs will be chosen to introduce their companies to Braskem executives and clients, a network of mentors from ACE, investors and other players in the market.

No equity

Our aim is to accelerate your business and cause positive impacts on society and the environment.

Braskem Labs Scale 2018 Edition

Resgistrations for Braskem Labs Scale 2018 Edition are now open

We look for solutions involving chemicals and/or plastics which cause positive impacts on society in different areas, such as agribusiness, recycling, healthcare, transportation, food, water and energy. For this edition, we will also have a special category for those companies which present good solutions to reduce losses/waste of food. In this case, they do not need to involve chemicals and plastics in their composition.


From February 26 to March 31


In April


From May to September

Demo Day

In September



of the companies involved in our 2017 program have received investment or are awaiting it.

Braskem Labs Scale 2017 looked for entrepreneurs offering solutions through the use of chemicals and/or plastics that would cause a positive impact on diverse areas, such as agribusiness, healthcare, transportation, food, water and energy. This year we will also reopen a category for those companies presenting solutions with which to fight against Aedes aegypti. These solutions do not need to involve chemicals or plastics in their composition.

> Check out the selected projects

Fix It

Immobilizers in thermoformable plastic, designed for specific parts of the body and in predefined sizes, made in 3D printing. Adjustment to the patient's anatomy is made by immersion in hot water.

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Bike frame injected in a single piece with recycled plastic mix. The frame has a lifetime warranty, high durability, does not rust and even helps to remove waste from the environment to be produced.

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Nanotechnology that gives the PVC physical-chemical properties, as a barrier against humidity. It can replace high-cost, imported and non-recyclable PVDC and reduce the cost of packaging medicines by 30%.

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It collects, transports, stores, treats and allocates effluents contaminated with oils, metals, paints, solvents and other substances, preventing them from reaching the environment and polluting soils and fresh water.

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Reverse logistics equipment that uses optical reading technology to identify residues deposited in the machine. Through the user's registration, packaging deposited in Recicletool returns to the user as financial credit, removing residues from the environment, contributing to the education of the population and generating benefits by returning the packaging.

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Vasos Raiz

Vasos Raiz is a self-watering vase with a system that facilitates plant care and allows the user to have herbs and fresh teas at home. With an internal watering system consisting of cords which function as a sort of artificial root, the water reservoir is attached to the underside of the vessel, ensuring moisture to the earth for several days, without the need to water the plant, while also preventing the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

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It develops aeronautical platforms for video monitoring and telecommunications through the use of balloons, taking connectivity to remote locations and allowing the monitoring of large areas.

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Biomassa do Brasil

Sustainable products in the line of mortars and special paints. The Ready-to-use Polymer Mortar reduces the cost of masonry by 40% and water consumption by 95%.

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Biological insecticide against Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya vectors. Made from the BTI bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis), it can be used in public areas and also in our home and work environments. As soon as the Denguetech tablet is placed in the water, it dissolves, releasing microorganisms and proteins that parasitize and kill the larvae of the mosquito vectors within 24 hours. Its effect continues for at least 60 days.

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BR Goods

Bed Screen Curtains & Shower Enclosures that use flame-retardant nanotechnology, are antimicrobial, manufactured with Green Plastic, and can be fixed or disposable. This material allows the cleaning process to be done without removing the curtains from the space, giving patients privacy and saving water in the sanitization, besides having high sustainable attributes.

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Das 12 empresas capacitadas em 2016:

  • Foram estabelecidas 48 conexões de negócio relevantes.
  • O programa gerou negócio efetivo para 50% das empresas.
  • Outros 20% estão em andamento.
  • 2 empresas co-criaram com Braskem.
  • 4 empresas receberam investimento de terceiros ao longo do ano.
  • 100% afirmam que o programa contribuiu para seu crescimento como empreendedor.

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Confort Banho

Confort Banho is an inflatable and portable apparatus that allows patients who are bedridden or in a fragile state of movement to bathe or care for their hygiene without leaving the bed. It can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and homecare and is made of PVC plastic, 100% recyclable, easy to handle, clean and storage.


Epiome, from the company Neoprospecta, is a platform for laboratory analysis which uses large-scale DNA sequencing over a wide geographical area and a large number of samples at a low cost. The results of the DNA analysis are integrated into a software that allows for tracking, identifying and analyzing epidemic patterns related to emerging or endemic diseases.

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Crowdsourcing platform for the healthcare sector where users report disease symptoms, including Zika virus, Dengue and Chikungunya, thus providing real-time information so health authorities can analyze if there is an epidemic of these diseases and can act faster.

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Textile filament functionalized with nano and micro capsules that are inserted into the filament of fabrics during production and which present users with several benefits, such as skin hydration and firmness, pain relief, insect repellency, a refreshing sensation, among other things. Nanovetores guarantees resistance to washing as well as gradual and continuous release of the product inserted in the capsule.

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Giulia consists of a sensor bracelet which, when used by the hearing impaired, can capture their arm and hand movements and transmit them via Bluetooth to a smartphone application based on artificial intelligence. This in turn translates what was communicated in signs into text and voice, allowing disabled people to communicate with others who do not know sign language. The reverse communication also works when the listener speaks into the microphone on the smartphone and the application translates it into text or a sign language animation in case the hearing-impaired person cannot read.
Giulia facilitates communication for disabled people during day-to-day activities and also helps in emergency situations, such as in hospitals, schools and police stations.

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Kit Livre

Kit livre is a motorized device that can transform any wheelchair into an electric tricycle, giving new meaning to the concept of a wheelchair and offering its users greater autonomy, independence and freedom in day-to-day activities while also promoting the inclusion of wheelchair users in radical sports.

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Noocity are modular structures for urban gardens which can save 80% of water consumption and dispense with irrigating plants for 3 weeks because of its integrated sub-irrigation system. It can be set up on any type of surface and does not require the use of tools, or electrical and hydraulic installation. Its goal is to bring the cultivation of organic food to urban homes in a simple and ecological way.

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Piipee is a biodegradable solution that totally eliminates the need to flush while urinating, saving up to 75% of the drinking water used in toilets. The device is attached to the sanitary vase or urinal without the need for refurbishment and, when activated, it releases Piipee, which acts on the physical and chemical characteristics of the urine, removing the odor, altering the coloring and sanitizing the toilet.

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Programa Vivenda

Programa Vivenda makes home renovations of reduced complexity for the low-income population, offering an integrated system that contemplates the planning, workforce and material to be used in the construction work and the possibility to pay in up to 15 installments, making the product accessible to its target audience. With these renovations, Vivenda allows for low-income people to have decent living conditions and better life quality.

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Protec is an aerosol spray for fabrics and surfaces that protects against urban insects such as Aedes aegypt, mite, cockroaches, moths, ticks, lice, ants and fleas, which cause respiratory diseases, as well as dengue, Chikungunya, yellow fever, Zika virus, among others. The product can be applied to any fabric or surface and remains active after numerous washes.

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ÚNICO Asfaltos

ÚNICO Asfaltos has developed the first 100% Brazilian asphalt mixture, which can be applied in the most diverse climatic conditions, such as extreme heat, rainfall and high humidity. With the benefit of being instantaneous, the paste does not need drying time, freeing the way immediately for vehicles, and it can be stored for up to 24 months.

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WiseWaste encourages the reutilization of flexible packaging that would not be used in the recycling processes. To this end, we have created a collection chain which teaches cooperatives of garbage collectors to identify this type of plastic packaging with commercial value and to develop a specific recycling mechanism for them, which then become raw material for the production of new products. This results in an increase of the cooperative members’ education and income and the reduction of waste discarded in the environment.

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Low-cost orthopedic prosthesis for lower limb amputations, which uses materials that are different from the ones currently found in conventional prostheses.

It has an innovative design based on a structural project that explores the characteristics of the materials used in it, and which has demonstrated, in tests, behavior very similar to that of a natural human foot, with a price that is much lower than other options.


CasaClic is a platform that makes homes more accessible and practical through a construction system that uses PVC walls and a steel structure.

Through the use of the proposed technology, it is possible to build houses with more speed, with no need for specialized labor, in addition to ensuring the use of a durable and recyclable material.

The goal is to reach worldwide scale, therefore contributing to the eradication of the housing deficit and the reduction of social problems.

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Toilet seat cover for the collection of stool and urine for clinical exams which confers comfort and hygiene and avoids the contamination of both the samples and the patient.

There are two versions, one for sales in pharmacies and another for the hospital market and for diagnosis in individual packaging.

It’s sterile, sustainable, disposable, practical and innovative.

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Sistema Pelicano

Complete solution for the responsible utilization of rainwater. Free of solids, insects and leaves, this self-cleaning filter offers efficient results with the minimal need for human action.

The modular nature of the system allows owners to place the tanks in several different locations such as: on pavements, in side gardens and other previously underutilized locations in the house.


Brazilian virtual reality glasses to be used with smartphones as a complementary teaching and learning tool that aims to work on topics in a more practical way.

Beenoculus provides users with a unique learning experience, giving them the feeling of being physically elsewhere, such as in a trip to historic centers or to parts of the human body.

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SIMA - Subsolador Agrícola (Agricultural Subsoiler)

Subsolador Agrícola is an equipment capable of introducing into the soil a thin blanket or plastic membrane 50 cm deep, like a gutter.

The implement is pulled by a tractor and can introduce the open membrane without removing the soil layer above the gutter.

This process aims to retain soil moisture above the membrane, collaborating with agricultural production and reducing the need for irrigation.

Mega Clorador

Developed for water treatment in areas and cities that do not have access to treatment plants, basic sanitation, rural areas and even underdeveloped countries.

It is a plastic equipment that gradually releases chlorine tablets so as to keep the treated water with little need for human intervention.

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SINEP - Sistema de Iluminação Natural e Exaustão Passiva (Natural Illumination and Passive Exhaust System)

Illumination system that combines the capture of natural light, artificial lighting by LED lamps and solar energy, with an integrated passive exhaust system, through the use of shutters that promote air circulation.

Focusing on low-cost construction, the product aims to provide a cleaner environment for the inhabitants.

ASBC – Aquecedor Solar de Baixo Custo (Solar Heater at Low Cost)

Water heating system built 100% in plastic.

At a very low cost, it collaborates with the reduction of the electric consumption in showers and makes the implementation of solar heating technology possible in several homes.

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Werde Phyto

System for water and effluent treatment that uses plastic floats as support for the cultivation of plants.

With low installation and operation costs, it eliminates the need for substrates for planting, as well as providing an increase in the contact surface with the water/sewage being treated.

In addition to being appealing for the landscape, it can reuse metals that are wasted throughout the industrial processes of production and dissolved in the effluent from industries, since the plants can bioaccumulate chemical elements.

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3DCloner Hobby

Low cost 3D printers. The goal is to put on the market 3D printers that are simple to use at home, increasing access to 3D printing equipment.

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System that monitors the humidity of the soil in small plantations and gardens and emits alerts when there is need of irrigation.

The solution consists of a ground sensor, a connected emergency irrigation valve and a set of software capable of reading, receiving and sending information to users via the internet.

Cultive works on any type of soil.

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Camarú Social

A portable toilet, which separates feces from urine and turns them into a fertilizer which can be sold, thus helping to increase the income of families.

The objective is to support the resolution of the problem of basic sanitation in remote areas.

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Plastic Orchestra

This project’s objective is the construction of symphonic string instruments (violins, violas and cellos) using PVC pipes, making the musical practice and initiation through these instruments more accessible.

The project is an initiative of the NEOJIBA program, in Salvador, along with partners, and articulates the field of sustainability and the socio-productive inclusion of young people through music.

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Poliway consists of the creation of a pavement which uses a type of recycled polymer, giving the pavement structure a resistance five times higher than conventional pavements.

It is also an economically and sustainably viable alternative, as it proposes a solution to two problems: poor road conditions and the inappropriate disposal of polymers in nature.

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It is a compact effluent treatment station that can replace large collection networks, helping to solve the problem of basic sanitation.

MiniTrat is a single-family, low cost and high-performance station.

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B-RAP are hollowed out plastic boxes which replace concrete structures used in civil construction.

The goal is to make the storage of rainwater safe and cheap, facilitating the draining of water and its reutilization.

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Eco Chuveiro

Low cost equipment which seeks efficiency in water and energy consumption during the bath.

The showerhead stores a sufficient amount of water for a comfortable bath, which is heated by a lower power resistor.

Besides reducing the waste of water and saving energy, this shower allows the consulting of expenses through a mobile and web application.

Película Inteligente (Smart Film)

Película Inteligente is designed to be applied to transparent surfaces such as windows and glass doors.

It is composed of a polymer that allows color change and the control of its opacity. Through an electronic device you can also switch it from opaque to transparent.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the plastic film filters ultraviolet rays and provides the user with comfort and privacy. It can be applied in several different ways and can be used in civil construction, the automotive sector, architecture and decoration.


Entrepreneurs who present innovative solutions to improve people’s lives using chemicals and/or plastics. This year we will reopen the category for the fight against Aedes aegypti, because we believe that it is a relevant issue to society as a whole.

If your questions were not properly answered, please get in touch with us or read the Braskem Labs Scale 2018 Edition rules .


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