Do you have a startup at the validation phase of its business model or MVP? Are you at the growth stage?

Braskem Labs Ignition is ideal for you: it is a startup acceleration program developed by ACE, which counts on mentors and BRASKEM monitoring and offers two programs according to the present situation of your startup: ACE Start and ACE Growth.

ACE Start

ACE Start is the acceleration stage made to confirm validation and to help form better entrepreneurs. It takes 4 months to reduce the uncertainties involved in the creation of a new business in order to save time, money and effort.


ACE Growth

ACE Growth is the acceleration program for startups at the growth stage. Sales, distribution, scale strategies, processes, product improvement and the establishing of a relationship with clients are some examples of the topics we deal with during the acceleration process.


All startups must comply with at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Delopment Goals

What Startup profiles ARE WE LOOKING FOR?


Companies apt to solve problems in the industry or the corporative sector (HR, supplies, logistics, legal issues, marketing, etc.).

Companies that have chemical or plastics solutions qualified to solve a potential social problem, such as water consumption, energy use, health or mobility.


Why participate?

ACE + Google + BRASKEM Mentoring

Access to a first-class acceleration team, to professionals from BRASKEM, as well as from other large companies, and to more than 100 mentors from all over the world connected to Google Launchpad.


The accelerated companies in the Ignition Program can become qualified to participate in future Braskem Labs Scale and Challenge programs, which raises the chances that they will become Braskem partners, aside from possible connections that can be formed with other large companies in the market.

Marketing and Sales

Strategies, techniques, tactical methods and result tracking to change your company into an exponential growth machine.


The establishing of a positive relationship with a huge network of mentors, investors and partners from Braskem and ACE, who may become your startup partners, clients or suppliers.

Strategic Knowledge

Knowledge and know-how based on real good and bad decision-making by other companies in the market.


Get in touch with the most important angel investors, funds and Venture Capital firms in the country.



We are looking for qualified startups to take part in the Scale and the Challenge programs. Consequently, we are interested in two types of profiles:

  • Startups that cause positive social impact using plastics or chemicals.
  • Startups that solve industry or corporative sector difficulties (HR, supplies, logistics, legal matters, etc.).

We are searching for startups that are going through the validating phase of their business model/MVP, or at the growth stage.

It can be defined as the positive effect of a product, system or solution benefiting society or the environment. We believe that it is vital to any business regardless of its sector, therefore, one of the evaluation criteria used by Braskem Labs is that startups put into practice at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development goals proposed by the UN.

SDGs are a set of 17 UN goals that should guide the international agenda on sustainability until 2030. They include areas such as healthcare, education and economic growth.

The most important difference lies in the startup level of maturity. ACE Start focuses on companies in their validation stage that need to confirm the value proposition, business model, “pain”, job to be done and a series of other fundamental premises in order to be appropriately structured for the growth phase. ACE Growth improves the product, sales machine, marketing and traction, as well as assisting with the preparation for investment.

The startups chosen for the ACE Start program will not get investment.

Otherwise, the ones chosen for the ACE Growth, if there is mutual interest between both the startup and ACE, may be offered an investment proposal according to the ideal pattern of the accelerator.

BRASKEM will not invest in the startups selected for any of the programs.

There is no definite limit for the number of startups chosen, since the selection process is open throughout the year. We will choose the startups with the best teams and solutions that fit the profile we are looking for.

Registrations for BRASKEM LABS IGNITION are open throughout the year.

Braskem will follow the acceleration process of every startup and, if necessary, will provide specific mentoring on subjects of its expertise, such as the development of products and materials. In addition, it will get in touch with partners in your network, in case there is noticeable business synergy with the startup.


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