Do you have an innovative startup
that could solve an internal challenge for Braskem?

Braskem Labs Challenge searches for startups that offer to solve real challenges in very different sectors at Braskem. Your company will have the chance to develop a pilot project and become a potential Braskem supplier or partner, which will help to acquire competitiveness, reduce costs and improve the company productivity.

All registered startups must comply with at least one of the 17 UN SDGs




Registrations are open throughout Brazil. We seek startups which could solve specific problems at Braskem.


We select startups according to the proposed challenge for a 10 to 15 minute pitch to the involved sectors. Up to 15 startups will be selected for this stage.


One-week immersion in the proposed problem, working with work teams from Braskem and Innoscience.


After the immersion we will select startups to run a pilot at Braskem.


If it does well, the startup can be hired either as a supplier or as a partner.



This is an opportunity to test either your product or services with a big company

There is a chance of being hired


Visibility and approval from a leading company in the sector

Interaction with experienced professionals

Possibility of getting funds for the development of a pilot

Closed registrations

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Yes, your company must be legally registered to participate in the Braskem Labs Challenge.

Batch 1

First edition of Braskem Labs Challenge sought startups to solve 10 challenges

The challenges were divided between the areas of logistics and administrative solutions.



Load distribution on the axles

How can we detect load distribution on a truck’s axles?

Quality control of silos

How can we ensure that the products reach customers with their specificities in perfect conditions?

Managing transportation risks

How to decrease theft rate and ensure the possibility of recovering the load?

Control of gas emission

How to measure and decrease the emission of Greenhouse gases (GHG) occurring during the transportation by the company?

Availability of the transportation market

How to identify transport availability taking into account offer, demand and future availability in different regions?


Monitoring and surveillance control

How is it possible to manage safety devices in industrial sites with preventive maintenance scheduling and corrective maintenance control?

Helpdesk Solutions

How can we give staff members from a company the possibility to open tickets and to interact with Braskem without having to access the Braskem network?

Route planning optimization for public transportation

How can we optimize a company’s route planning for public transportation lines?

Cost reduction in offices

How can we reduce the costs with energy consumption at Braskem offices?

Cost reduction for parking lots

How can we make the filling of parking spaces more effective in corporate offices?



Subscribed startups go through a screening made by the Braskem Labs Challenge team.



Among 130 subscribed startups, 24 were selected to present their solutions in São Paulo for the sponsors teams.



Braskem Labs Challenge selected 15 startups for the next phase of the program

A total of 15 startups participated in a week of immersion with the teams responsible for the challenges, in which they had access to more information about the problems and were able to refine their solutions to present, at the end of the week, a pilot project proposal that could be implemented at Braskem.



Selecionamos 10 startups para realizarem projetos pilotos na Braskem. Caso bem sucedidas, elas poderão se tornar nossas fornecedoras ou parceiras.


UN Global Compact - Breakthrough Innovation Challenge

Innovation is part of Braskem's DNA. We want to accelerate innovation and bring disruptive solutions to many industries and we offer awards to those who can solve our challenges. The prize can be available to anyone: companies, startups, academics or citizens. We seek disruptions through talents and ideas that are beyond the corporate universe.

“None of us is as strong as all of us”
Henry Chesbrough


What is it?

In partnership with Innocentive, Braskem launched global challenges from the most diverse sectors. Each of the challenges has specific criteria to be met, but the solutions can be brought by strangers from the most diverse fields. Braskem will offer a prize to teams or individuals that meet the challenge proposed.

Who can participate?

The challenges are global and can be solved by anyone as long as the criteria is met.

How it came about?

In 2016, the UN Global Compact, in partnership with DO School, launched the Global Innovation Breakthrough Innovation Challenge (BIC). BIC is a program that brought together young entrepreneurs from multinational companies who are leaders in building business models that incorporate disruptive technologies in an effort to address the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS). As a result of its participation in this program, Braskem is launching these challenges with global reach and strengthening its process of Open Innovation.

How to participate?

The challenges are posted on the Innocentive online platform.
To apply, simply register on the platform and participate.


The Challenges

Scalable 3D Printing:
Speeding-Up Sintering Processes with Polyolefins.

How to remove odor from post consumption plastic?


Each challenge has a different award offered by Braskem.
See more details on each of the challenges launched at links above.



Each batch (edition) of Braskem Labs Challenge launches internal challenges of the most diverse areas of Braskem.

See below who were the leaders who launched challenges in Batch 1.


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